family-to-family Planning for the future

The Essex Carers Network are joining up with Together Matters on a new program of work called family-to-family.

family to family flyer pic

We will shortly be running training for a small group of family carers using the thinking ahead and the I’m thinking ahead resource and person centred planning principles to become family-to-family facilitators and run bite size workshops for families caring for a family member with a learning disability across Essex. This facilitator role will be paid. (you can find out more about the thinking ahead resource here: )


The thinking ahead guide has been used in Essex for a couple of years now, social workers have been trained in the use of it and how it can help families to plan for the future, the I’m thinking ahead guide has been used in some schools and colleges to help young people think about their plans for the future.


The one aspect that has been missing is the support to help families to think about planning for the future, we are pleased that everyone agreed with us that the best people to facilitate this would be family carers, we know that families listen to and trust other families.


Essex County Council carers directorate are funding this initial program with the intention of continuing funding when we demonstrate its success.


If you would like to talk to us about this opportunity or are interested in attending the bite size workshops once we start them please email: . We are currently rethinking how we run this training because of covid19, when you get in touch we can discuss ideas to find out what would work for you.

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