Recycling Barriers

Following our survey to our members in April, one thing that jumped out at us was that some of what we are hearing from you, our families, now is the same thing families were saying when we worked with the public office to produce The System is not Working With us report back in 2014. Some of our families have asked us what is the point of participating in surveys, focus groups and similar if things don’t change.

We have talked previously about how important it is to know what has happened because of the experiences our families have shared with people who work in the system, sometimes it feels like nothing has changed.

The Essex Carers Network asked Sally-Anne Lanyon MSc (Applied Psychology of Intellectual Disabilities) and a member of our management team to look at the system is not working with us report and our recent survey results and write a report on her findings to share with our families, Essex County Council (ECC) commissioners and Cllr Spence the cabinet member with responsibility for health and social care. Her report Recycling the Barriers can be read here . We hope as families once you have had the time to read it you can let us know what you think. We have asked ECC for a meeting to discuss what we are currently doing together to address the issues raised and what we can do together to look at those not currently addressed. We will let you know the outcome of this.

As a network we are currently working hard to build the capacity of our families who are ready and willing to be consulted with and to work to find solutions to challenges alongside the system, if we can show a willingness on all parts to address the barriers that families see as having been there for a number of years, we feel we can do great work together to ensure the lives of people with learning disabilities and autism in Essex are the best that they can be.

If you would like to be more involved in our work please do get in touch by emailing .