Sorry We Have Been So Quiet!

it may seem to you all that we have been very quiet and haven’t been making sure that policymakers in Essex are thinking about people with a learning disability and their families, please be assured that we have been very busy and we will be posting soon about some of the things we have been doing including:

  • The expert by experience group who have coproduced the specialist learning disability health pathway and are continuing to influence the health equality work that is being undertaken in Essex.
  • The 100 day challenge program and our involvement in it.
  • The care givers partnership work
  • The all age autism partnership group
  • The preparing for adulthood forum

We will also be sharing with you soon how our families can have their voices heard through the Collaborate Essex model, which has replaced, the local action groups and the peoples parliament for adults with a learning disability. We are currently speaking to the relevant organisations and commissioners and once we have more clarity we will let everyone know.

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