Good Lives: Building Change Together

Learning Disability England is a membership organisation bringing together people with learning disabilities, families, friends, and organisations to create a united voice. The Essex Carers Network are members.

We like the Good Lives framework which brings together people’s thoughts and ideas about what it will take for everyone with learning disabilities to be able to live their good life. The framework is there for anyone who is interested. Learning Disability England host it but they do not control it. It is not an end point. It is not a report.

The Good Lives Framework has 6 chapters. Each chapter looks at an area that people said was important to them; looking at what  we need to do to make change happen as well as thinking about how the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities can be used  to guide the change, followed by some thoughts around next steps.

This is just the beginning people are already sharing the good work they are doing and their ideas for campaigning for change.

Follow the link, to look at the framework:

The_Good_Lives_Framework-9.3.22.pdf (

If you would prefer to look at the guide in plain text or would like to watch a video of each chapter and to find out how you can connect to others and get involved follow the link;

Good Lives: Building Change Together – Learning Disability England