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Easy read is a way of making written information easier to understand, by using simple language and illustrating the information with pictures. Its aim is to help people, particularly those with learning disabilities, to understand information more easily.

This page provides information in easy read from many different organisations and links to websites that have a library of easy read guides about advocacy. If you are looking for a particular easy read document and you can’t find it here please email info@essexcarersnetwork.co.uk or call 01255 554029 and we will endeavour to find it for you.

easy read care act

The Care Act - Easy Read

The Department for Health  have produced an easy read guide to the Care Act.

Voice Ability - What is advocacy

Voice Ability are an independent charity who support people to have their voices heard in decisions about their health, care and wellbeing.

They have information in easy read about advocacy.

gloriously ordinary lives

A Gloriously Ordinary Life : spotlight on adult social care

Social Care Future shared this easy read document which gives details of the report written by the new House of Lords Adult Social Care Committee. Social Care Future said:

“the report is the product of extensive consultation, engagement and discussion and we believe its focus, framing and content reflects the inclusive way the inquiry was conducted. The Committee listened to Social Care Future at the outset of the Inquiry, and as a result heard directly from witnesses whose insight and expertise comes from drawing on social care and visited the Disabled People’s organisation REAL.  Crucially, the Committee enlisted a person to draws on support to live her life, Anna Severwright, as a special adviser to the Committee, alongside Professor Jon Glasby.  The inspiring and hopeful title of the report ‘A gloriously ordinary life’ comes of evidence given by Tricia Nicoll, who employs personal assistants to support her family.”

easy health.org logo

Easy Health

Easy Health are an online library of accessible health information with simple words, clear pictures and films.

What is Easy Read

A description about Easy Read from Inclusive Communication Essex.

Their website also offers lots of information and resources around communication, such as One Page Profile templates.