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Dental health for everyone is very important, but for people with a learning disability some extra support may be needed to ensure they practice good dental hygiene, attend dental health checks and know the signs of dental ill health.

Poor dental hygiene can also contribute to other health conditions, some very serious, which means good continuous dental care is so valuable.


Community Dental Services

Community Dental Services

Dental services can be difficult for people with a learning disability or autistic people to access for many reasons. Although Reasonable Adjustments can be asked for, there are still sometimes a need for a specialist service. Below is information about Community Dental Services which are a CIC specialising in dentistry for people with additional needs.

NHS – Community Dental Services Essex

Offers high quality specialist NHS dental care and treatment for patients that are residents of Essex.

How it can help

Community Dental Services CIC can provide dental services for patients that meet the following criteria:

  • Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)
  • Severe mental health needs
  • Complex social needs (including the homeless and drug/alcohol dependent)
  • Looked After Children who cannot receive ongoing care from general dental practice
  • Children requiring treatment who cannot be treated in general dental practice owing to behavioural difficulties and/or severe anxiety management
  • Adults with a treatment resistant dental phobia that has not been successfully treated

CIC also provide home visits (domiciliary care) for patients with long term and / or progressive medical conditions; mental illness or dementia, causing disorientation and confusion in unfamiliar environments.


General Dental Practitioners and Health and Social Care professionals can refer into the service. Self-referrals are also welcome for some services.

To see the full criteria for those who can access the service, please visit their or contact your nearest clinic.

How to access

Referrals are welcome from individuals, family, members, carers or health care professionals and once accepted into Community Dental Services, you will be added to the current waiting list. Patients needing urgent care will be given preference.


NHS - learning disability

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