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Easy read is a way of making written information more accessible to understand, by using simple language and illustrating the information with pictures. Its aim is to help people, particularly those with learning disabilities, to access information.

This page provides information in easy read from different organisations and links to websites that have a library of easy read guides.

If you are looking for a particular easy read document and you can’t find it here please email info@essexcarersnetwork.co.uk or call 01255 554029 and we will endeavour to find it for you.

AHC dont miss out poster

Don't Miss Out poster

This poster produced by Ace Anglia and NHS reminds people in an east-read format to register at their GP and request an Annual Health Check

AHC video

Annual Health Check and Health Action Plan - NHS

This video produced for the Suffolk & North East Essex ICB explains about the Annual health Check and follows Rae as they attend theirs.

An invite to your Annual Health Check

Everyone with a learning disability over the age of 14years is entitled to an Annual Health Check with their GP. This booklet produced by NHS and Ace Anglia shows what an easy read Annual Health Check invitation includes. You can request an easy read invitation and other easy read leaflets from your GP.

health action plan

Health Action Plan - Easy read

Mencap have an easy read guide to the Health Action Plan that should be a plan given at the end of an Annual health Check and is part of the Gold Standard for Annual Health Checks.

Pre Health Check questionnaire

When you are invited for your Annual Health Check you should receive a Pre Annual Health Check questionnaire. This easy read booklet from the NHS and Ace Anglia asks questions about your health.

Gold Standard Health Check

An Annual Health check should include the things listed here.

GP Appointments - frequently asked questions -easy-read

This easy-read guide talks about GP appointments including reasonable adjustments, requesting appointment times and where to go for help if things go wrong.

NHS care for people with long term health needs

Easy Read version of ‘National Framework for NHS Continuing
Healthcare and NHS-funded Nursing Care – July 2022’

easy read constipation

Constipation - an easy read guide

Constipation can be very serious and even life threatening for people with a learning disability. This easy read guide by the NHS is a good tool for talking about constipation.

sepsis easyread

Keep going...Don't stop and The MacIntyre checkers - Sepsis Easy Read

Keep Going…Don’t Stop and the MacIntyre checkers have produced this easy read guide about what Sepsis is and what to do if someone becomes unwell with suspected Sepsis.

CPAP easy read graphic

A Guide to your CPAP - Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

This easy read guide talks about the CPAP ()Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine and how it can help people with sleep apnoea. The guide was produced by Baywater Services for the NHS

healthy lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles - An easy-read booklet

The NHS and Ace Anglia have produced a range of easy-read guides and booklets. This one focusses on Healthy Lifestyles.

Healthy Digestion - An easy-read booklet

The NHS and Ace Anglia have produced a range of easy-read guides and booklets. This one focusses on Healthy Digestion

Healthy Eating - An easy-read booklet

The NHS have produced a range of easy-read guides and booklets. This one focusses on Healthy Eating.

easy health.org logo

Easy Health

Easy Health are an online library of accessible health information with simple words, clear pictures and films.

What is Easy Read

A description about Easy Read from Inclusive Communication Essex.

Their website also offers lots of information and resources around communication, such as One Page Profile templates.