Health - Annual Health Checks

Information regarding Annual Health Checks for people with a learning disability. An Annual Health Check should be available to anyone with a learning disability from the age of 14 who is on their GP learning disability register. It is different to a Physical Health Check that may be done by a specialist hospital and should be offered by your GP.

Sadly we know from the LeDer reviews (Learning from the Lives and Deaths of people with a learning disability and autistic people) that people with a learning disability and autistic people tend to die earlier than their peers without a disability. They also do not receive the same quality of care during their lives from services. The Annual Health Check was introduced to try to combat this inequality.



NHS - Annual Health Checks

The Nhs website has a page about annual health checks.

Supporting someone with their annual health check

Supporting someone with their Annual Health Checks at the GP surgery

The NHS and Ace Anglia have coproduced this crib sheet to help people who support someone to attend their Annual Health Check at a GP surgery.

NHS video about the Annual Health Check

Harishi and her mum attend Harishi’s Annual Health Check and talk through what happens. A video produced by NHS England.


NHS - learning disability

The NHS has a page on their website with information about learning disability. There are also links to many other pages from this.


NHS - LeDer

LeDer Learning from the Live and Deaths of people with a learning disability and autistic people.

LeDeR reviews deaths to see where we can find areas of learning, opportunities to improve, and examples of excellent practice. This information is then used to improve services for people living with a learning disability and autistic people.


STOMP - Stopping the over medication of people with a learning disability, autism or both

STOMP is a project in England to stop
the over use of psychotropic medicines.